WA Weekender Feature

WA Weekender Feature

Jersey Jack Gelato is a local secret and for most locals. It is a must to come down every week! The key to our Gelato is our unique twist of classic flavours and handcrafted recipes that stay true to the flavour and the ingredients. We also offer traditional recipes too so there is something for everyone.

WA Weekender agrees, Jersey Jack Gelato is a winner! We were featured as the place to be for weekend treats in Perth. At Jersey Jack Gelato we are source the freshest ingredients to put into our creations and we wouldn’t have it any other way. We are more than a regular gelato bar and desert parlour. We are a cafe too!

Culinary Delight

Our desert bar and cafe style shop is located in beautiful Como south of the river. Complete with street art and a unique, inviting decor overlooking a beautiful view it features ample seating inside as well as an outside area called the secret garden.

WA Weekender Feature Jersey Jack Gelato

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